Mitigation and Rescue

We understand that oil palm and coal mining are the largest contribution to deforestation in Borneo. Deforestation by companies like this, only will stopped by campaigning against them and forcing them to stop, after that building a conservation area to protect forests, communities and wildlife.

Many animals have lost their homes cause of deforestation,that conflicts between farmers and wildlife which ended in the death of wildlife. Deforestation does not only affect wildlife but also humans around forests and people around the world because deforestation can cause global warming. Floods, landslides and fires are proof that deforestation is very bad and companies will continue to destroy forests in the name of economic improvement if nobody stops them, and forces them to change for the better.

Its the reasons, in 2020 CAN Borneo created a team with the name Mitigation and Rescue (MARS). The team is tasked with saving people and animals from ecological disasters as a result of deforestation. This team will be tasked with Assesment location of deforestation, mapping potential conflicts, rescuing animals and people from fire, landslides and floods.

Palm Oil In Borneo